At one time, Annapolis Junction Business Park was the location for a sand and gravel mining operation. Sands and aggregate was mined and removed from the site. The land has since been reclaimed and made developable. AJBP is considered a Brownfield Redevelopment site. The former mining activity created contamination in the form of particulate/sediment contamination of water on the site. The remediation measures included construction of a twelve acre storm water management pond in the southeast corner of the Park. The pond serves as the storm water management facility for approximately 85% of the property. An easement has been established to exclude the pond area from future development.

During the remediation efforts, a 31 acre (+/-) site was created at the southern end of the park that will never be developed on. The wetlands enhancements, creation and restoration efforts at the site will replace lost wetland acreage, functions and values. Restoration, Enhancement and Preservation are the three goals of this mitigation area. The establishment of these features will enhance and provide additional wetland functions and values such as: improved fish and wildlife habitat through provisions for increasing habitat complexity, shelter, nesting and food sources; water quality elements including sediment stabilization, flood volume storage and sequestering of pollutants; and recreation. This site is now recognized by the federal jurisdiction as a wetland, so no development will ever occur on the mitigation property. Eventually, as AJBP is developed, natural walking trails will be developed throughout this mitigation area.

The commitment to Sustainable Design will extend to all of the development at Annapolis Junction Business Park.